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Are you an adventure lover? Is thrill your best friend?


The zipline is a steel cable stretched between two different points, generally a point higher than the arrival point to take advantage of the force of gravity to make you reach great speed and make you enjoy the descent.


Going down on a zipline is pure emotion: jumping into the void at incredible heights and experiencing the thrill of flying free suspended in the area with the awareness that everything is done in maximum safety.


This experience is increasingly chosen by many thrill-seekers and those who want to practice an outdoor activity.


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Zip-line routes in Abruzzo


If you dream of flying like an eagle and savouring the thrill of gliding at full speed along a steel cable, then the zipline is the kind of fun for you !!!

But what exactly is a zipline?

You will be tied to a steel cable, tied to a structure and hooked to the line for the descent. Once all your flight equipment will bearranged, you will glide near the Pacentro Valley in a unique and immersive experience, 100% safe and ... suitable even for the little ones!

zipline Majella Abruzzo
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