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Welcome to our site, here we will tell you a little about us and the magical land we live in: the mother mountain Majella. The EDE Hotel is a small hotel in the Majella National Park, with a restaurant and wellness area, a warm and welcoming place where you can feel right at home.


Discover the wonders of this enchanted place every day and then come back and relax with us. We love our land, and we are happy to tell you about it. We decided to take root in Abruzzo in Caramanico Terme. We were courageous and against the tide, and we are proud of it. This is our home; we love the repetition of small miracles one season after another.


We have moved away from the noise of life, we have chosen the purity, silence and loyalty of the mountain. And then there are the scents and flavours of a land, which looks to the future, remaining tenaciously clinging to the authenticity of the past ... We are waiting for you Alessandra, Maurizio and Maria Sophie.

Hotel Ede a hotel for many but not for everyone ...
You can't live without shopping

Here there are no boutiques but many shops ready to let you taste the typical local products: dairy products, salami, honey but also liqueurs and biscuits.

           You like nightlife

Here the night gives way to the silence broken only by the echoing in the surrounding woods of nature that wakes up in a concert of verses and calls.

You Love the vida loca 

Here the hands stop ... everything is slow, marked by the rhythm of the mountain. You can lose yourself in the magic of the woods or the voice of the water and then return to the Borgo where villagers and innkeepers ask you where you are going and how your trip will be and then ... LIVE THE VIDA LOCAL !!!

You don't like adventure

Here routine gives way to adventure. Few "usual comforts" and many splendid landscapes. You will immerse yourself in breathtaking views, intense excursions and lots of fun.

vivi la majella

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